Construction Service FAQs in Northern NJ

Construction Service FAQs in Northern NJ

Are you looking for Construction Service FAQs in Northern NJ?

American Sons Professionals have prepared Construction Service FAQs in Northern NJ to answer some common questions that many people ask.

What home construction services does your company provide?

Our skills of home construction and repair services include adding new roofs, installing chimneys, providing exterior siding and gutter installation services as well as other improvements to homes and office buildings located in New Jersey. We provide a full range of construction services that include repair, replacement and installations for roofs, chimneys, gutters, skylights and all types of siding.

Do you provide emergency roof and chimney repair?

Yes. We are an emergency roof and chimney repair company. From storm damage roof repair, emergency roof collapse repair, and emergency roof tarp installation, our expert construction team will be on-site when you roof or chimney needs emergency repairs. We are fully insured and provide free estimates on our roof repair services in New Jersey.

My roof has a leak, do I need the entire roof replaced?

Since most roofs can be repaired when only certain areas are damaged and causing leaks. Our roof repair services include inspecting the entire roof, then we will make an assessment of what needs to be repaired or replaced. In most cases, replacing old shingles and roofing tiles as well as other procedures like patching holes and other impairments that we find on their their roof will save your roof and stop leaks.

I have installed a new HVAC system and need extra ventilation, is this a service you provide?

Yes, our chimney service includes adding and installing extra exhaust pipes and ventilation ducts in existing chimneys and expanding and modifying chimneys that needed extra pipe channels, we are experts in keeping up with newer HVAC systems were that need special or added ventilation.

Can your company install patios or retaining walls for our backyard?

Yes. We provide a complete range of masonry services for whatever your residential or commercial property needs. From installing retaining walls to fireplaces, adding stone patios and other brickwork, our experts are skilled and experienced and will create all of your masonry projects with excellent results.

My chimney is falling apart and starting to lean, is this job too small for your company?

We perform all types of chimney repair services no matter how large or small. Since chimneys are a vital part or your house, we will thoroughly inspect the entire chimney area and report what needs to be repaired, replaced or modified. Our chimney services has helped many home and businesses owners in New Jersey improve their chimney and preventing them from leaking, crumbling and toppling over making their property much safer.

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 Construction Service FAQs in Northern NJ by American Sons Professionals.

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Construction Service FAQs in Northern NJ